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coming to live from our new center here in moscow top stories at exactly half past the hour syria under siege saudi troops reportedly close in on the volatile country from the south as turkish units lined up in the north all on the eve of a crucial international crisis conference. the world's top whistleblower to the sounds issued a statement following his refusal to report to a london police station over his extradition proceedings he remains tucked away in the ecuadorian embassy in london waiting for the latin american country to decide on his bid for political asylum. and the e.u. agrees to a new rescue agency for banks despite opposition from germany with future taxpayer funded bailouts for banks now set to bypass government entirely. about the news
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team with more on those stories in half an hour from now in the meantime more insight into the financial crisis now from across the ocean and lauren the capital account there in washington and it's next. good afternoon and welcome to capital account i'm lauren lyster here in washington d.c. these are your headlines for thursday june twenty eighth two thousand and twelve european leaders hold the umpteen e.u. summit to try to save the euro zone deemed by some in the media at least as crucial so will anything come of it this time and not according to our get our guest not a chance u.k. independence party leader and member of european parliament nigel for raj will tell us why and fingers point at germany to save europe but the core isn't immune to the problems of the eurozone in fact new figures show the number of people out of work
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in germany is creeping up by seven thousand in june and pollsters find support for the euro may be fracturing to the core and fact as of airtime it looks like germany was going to exit the euro the euro two thousand and twelve at least and we'll look at how this all impacts the crisis and the supreme court upholds the health care law in the u.s. advocated by obama known more commonly as obama care of corning to the u.s. president. today's decision was a victory for people all over this country was. but is it a victory for really who really won big today we'll talk about it let's get to today's capital account.
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another in you summit is going on in brussels today and tomorrow where leaders will try to solve the eurozone crisis now they haven't been successful in doing so over the course of the last eighteen summits so what you may ask is different this time well now leaders have this plan for a so-called genuine economic and monetary union it's coming out of the president of the european counsel's office that's mr herman van around boy it lays out building blocks for fiscal economic and banking integration but who is herman van rompuy exactly well you're not the first person to ask the question that i want to know when will the last who won't you. if you could be in europe whatever if you. never the less than
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a year of friends and some elected leaders are trying to hold the currency union together as support fractures around them they're trying to hold it together despite protests bailouts the election of neo nazis the deflationary spiral down of the condom ease entered up of bond yields in places like spain and italy and nigel farage who you just heard from has been very frank about the possible consequences he fears take a listen this project could even reach this socialism in europe we'll start prediction more on that later first does the leader of the u.k. and pendants party member of european parliament actually expect any earth shattering decisions to be taken during this summit does he expect anything of substance to come from it that can change the current dynamics in europe a rising borrowing costs for the periphery and the possible disintegration of the
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union well let's see. let me tell you what will happen tonight tonight later on after the twenty seven leaders of had dinner with the bureaucratic bosses of the e.u. they'll be a press conference at that press conference mr barroso or mr van room for the two an elected bosses of the european union will put on the table a paper a paper that suggests that we move towards a common european treasury a paper that suggests that the european union becomes a debt union either mr barroso almost of a room boy all both echo of each other will say that it's but that it's this story document that has been a wonderful meeting that europe has made a huge stride forward and that the eurozone crisis is near the end that is what will happen and you know what behind that they'll be leaders of countries from northern europe who will say we don't subscribe to this and there will be leaders
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from southern europe who say we cannot accept the austerity package i believe there is absolutely nothing that will come out tonight from this summit that will move us forward by one single inch so more of the same that we've seen from any number of these summits where nothing has come of them my question about that is this is situation where i don't know perhaps the media circus and the financial market anxieties surrounding these euro zone ministers in politicians is making it more difficult for them to deepen integration or have they not been addressed enough in actually exploiting a crisis this day were an excuse for further union for those who wanted. well there is no doubt this is the birth of the european project over fifty years ago they've always sought to use any crisis as an opportunity to deepen integration and they're trying to do the same thing again and that is what mr van ryn poised papers a night proposes to do but there is a problem and the big problem is that the electorates of europe have woken up to
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what the project's about the germans the finnish the dutch they do not want this to become a debt union they don't want to sign blank checks in perpetuity to southern european states whose economy is are not as competitive as theirs and that is why you're seeing this resistance around the merkel i mean she believes in this european project she said two weeks ago we should give allegiance to the european flag while in my case over my dead body but that shows you that she believes in the european project but for her it has to be a german style european project or she will get thrown out by her voters next year so we know the decades where the bureaucrats and the leaders of countries could quietly meet and push forward a project of european integration are over because the electorates simply don't want said and actually what we've got here i think is an unbridgeable gulf between
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the culture of northern europe and the culture of southern europe and what we do at these summits and remember this is summit number nineteen since two thousand and nine all we do all we do is kick the can down the road there's already talk of another summit in july we reached no conclusions the markets increasingly lose confidence and who can blame them and now we see spanish ten year debt italian ten year debt of ring around this sort of critical seven percent level and the whole thing is headed for a gigantic bust well as there are no yields if there is one thing. one objective and clearly visible symptom of the problem with the eurozone it's in those rising spreads you're talking about between the surplus countries and the periphery and the fact that countries as large as italy with public debt loads exceeding two trillion dollars are on the precipice of being priced out of the credit markets and spade with this seven percent yield mark again that are considered unsustainable do
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you think the rising borrowing costs for italy and spain are of adequate concern to policymakers. well remember there are seventeen countries that have mistakenly joined this euro zone so far five of. the gals but the spanish buyout was perhaps only a fraction of what is genuinely needed if the italian bailout comes there is not enough money in europe to bail out italy which has the highest level of debt in the one exceeding two trillion as you quite rightly put in your question i think that the markets are telling us that there is a total loss of confidence the policymakers the people really in charge of this appear to be blinded to the whole thing mr g. twenty of washington just last week appeared to be living on a different planet you know you can only go on kicking the can down the road for so
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long i believe there is a very real and genuine risk that over the course of this summer the markets will overwhelm the whole of the european system wow a prediction there let's talk about though the plan of those people on another planet that you're talking about the plane you've referred to for the euro zone released by the european council president's office ahead of the summit for your friend mr herman van around boyd now there were four building blocks late now right go ahead with great makes we really. so he laid out for building blocks for further integration it can include proposals such as european bank deposit insurance and debt sharing but interestingly the one that really stuck out to us is this fourth building block which is ensuring the necessary democratic legitimacy and accountability of decision making within the e.u. based on their joint exercises sovereignty for common policies and solidarity so
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what does this mean do you interpret this as an attempt at further political integration. it's just called me to speak isn't it you know who it's the old it's the old evert should have the language to mean the very opposite to what the truth is you know when vadra employed talks about political democratic support for political union it's laughable he doesn't mean it they treat democracy here with absolute contempt the european union as it is is not undemocratic it's actually fundamentally anti democratic and what they're trying to do tonight what the room point i were trying to do tonight is they're trying to get twenty seven member states to give up the ability through general elections and to have a new presidents of new prime ministers from deciding their own budgetary rules these are very very bad dangerous people they're the worst people we've seen in europe since ninety forty five the fact that you put in this document under as you
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quite rightly say point four of the the sop to everybody pretending that it needs democratic legitimacy frankly it is farcical well and is saying the opposite of what they mean it's very nine hundred eighty four to conjure another near or literary reference but just on this note to be clear when in this document then report talks about the close involvement of the european parliament and national parliaments that are essential to this democratic legitimacy are essentially is this document calling for kind of a broader new electoral process and you why process where the european parliament has more power over the national governments. well they had the chance to do this and i remember these guys wrote a constitution for a political europe ten years ago if ever there was a chance to democratize the european union that was it and if they'd done it and if
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they'd put it to the peoples of europe in a free and fair referendum i think people generally would have voted for it believing that somehow now europe have become progress. even forward looking they chose not to do so and i repeat the fourth part of this document the mr van room boy is producing today isn't genuine it isn't real he is saying the very opposite of what he really intends and believes there is not a single proposal to democratize this european union not a single promos or to include national parliaments anymore they frankly are trying to hide. by and this argument of democracy but you don't mean it just to play devil's advocate not to belabor the point i don't do you think that all of this talk from van rompuy about democratic legitimacy could be because he has a chip on his shoulder or a complex that he is trying to get free from for all the things you've said to him over the years mr fair raj about how he wasn't elected and no thank you. i know i
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may well i must say i did laugh very loudly at the washington g. twenty meeting when i was up. begin to the budget. and he said we won't take lessons in democracy from you people spoke the other leg of the. should i have your rights are you alright i have been teasing them i have been taking the mickey out of them for years i'm actually right across europe people agree with what you know they do agree with my point undemocratic europe is frankly all full it's a return to some of the things we saw in europe in forty five they all sensitive to this point they realize it's their achilles heel it's their vulnerability and they're trying to deal with me in terms of rhetoric but not in terms of substance. to lead more of my interview with the leader of the u.k. independence party and nigel for raj will continue to take their mickey out of any
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word we can't damn about what happens when poor support for the euro breaks down when everyone's looking to that core to prop it up the first or closing market numbers. which was the same when the huge musician. on the market for a particular thing the toppling of a tyrant and the parliamentary and presidential elections where does egypt stand of the people of egypt inch.
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welcome back let's talk more about germany because after all that is the country people are looking to save the european project but is germany even in the position to well let's see more with nigel. i do want to touch on germany you talked about germany's role obviously all eyes are on the core to try to solve this in bridge these gaps but germany is not immune to the problems of the eurozone not at all and just today we had a new unemployment numbers out that indicate the number of people out of work in germany is creeping up interestingly i thought a poll suggests germans are more concerned about unemployment then inflation and we know that country's history with inflation so do you think this puts more political
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pressure on merkel to make concessions on something like euro bonds which she has been firmly against or does this make germany more likely to say hey you know we cannot keep shouldering the burden of this crisis. i'd be cautious about of the opinion poll that shows right now germans are more concerned about unemployment than inflation because actually inflation is not seen by people to be a threat at the moment indeed in many parts of the deflation is the problem not inflation so i'd be a bit cautious about reading too much into that one particular opinion poll below what is clear is that for your average german worker the man or woman that is paying a mortgage that is bringing up children that is being very law abiding and very german in the way in which they are they've just spent twenty years paying for the reintegration of eastern germany back into western germany since the fall of the
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berlin wall they've paid a huge cost to do that but they haven't resented doing it because ultimately they were all germanic people now would you say that a country that's just picked up a huge twenty year bill could you please pick up a bill for greece portugal ireland spain and possibly even italy owen by the way your commitment to this is indefinite is it any wonder that all of me german focus saying we just want no part of this i think what's really interesting is there is a reawakening in germany of a sense of german identity you know you've got to remember that history hangs very heavily over the german people their sense of guilt for what happened in world war two has dominated that country's international relations ever since the new forty five but there is a younger generation growing up who do not feel the guild in quite the same way that their parents or grandparents did and they are saying we want to be
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a modern democratic country that's nice to people we are happy to be co-operative across europe but we are not going to be the bugs of this game we are not going to go on. by giving out failing southern european countries who frankly should never of joined this eurozone in the first place. there was no fool it was a very astute politician knows that if she says yes if she blinks and gives in to euro bones she will lose the election next year and i believe that angela merkel will not blink and i don't think there's any chance of the germans dutch will finns excepting the european union becoming a deputy and all that means is that in the end whatever of oil proposed is frankly irrelevant there is not going to be agreement and we are headed. towards a breakup of the euro zone in my opinion ok and that's also
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a really important point i think you made about the different generations it's something that isn't always top of mind for people definitely plays an important part as you point out i know you weren't on board with that whole you are cautious about about one point i do want to bring up about it the financial times reported on it it showed that if there were a referendum on the euro on membership to the euro in germany today forty three percent would vote to keep it while forty one percent very close would favor a return to the market and similarly a very small majority would vote to stay in the e.u. while twenty eight percent would vote to leave and fifty one percent would vote to stay is that a piece of evidence though that supports something that you've been saying all along and in this interview that support for the euro zone is fracturing even at the core where this of poor is most required. yeah i mean look in a sense the euro is the embodiment of the whole european project the
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criticisms that people like me have had for the euro actually are the same arguments as the bigger criticisms of the attempt without the consent of the peoples of europe to form a new state with a new flag and a new anthem and a new police force and a new army of herman van room ploy because all of it and i think what those figures show you is that right across the european continent from north to south to east to west regardless of what our political class say the peoples of europe are saying no we don't want this we don't want centralized bureaucratic control we don't want our democracies and our birthright to be stripped away we don't want to be run by these people who mostly are domestic political failures we actually are rather proud of who we are what's wrong for goodness sake with having a europe of diverse different countries proud of who they are but sitting around a table agreeing to cooperate you know we can cooperate across border crime we can
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cooperate on the environment we can have reciprocal deals you know people from britain working in paris and vice versa we can do all of this without the european commission without the european parliament without the european court without the massive cost and bureaucracy and i am not you know i am not i don't see a replay and please don't think that you know i'm married to a german i work for french companies i love europe i love the cultural diversity of europe but what i'm fighting against and what i'm finding support is growing i don't want to live in a europe of bureaucracy i want to live in a europe of democracy while said real quick before we go in may addressing european parliament you said you feared this project could cause the rise of national socialism in europe now after two rounds of greek elections we have. neo nazis in parliament how much worse do you fear this could get politically in terms of fracturing and the division into extreme politics. if you take away from people
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their right to determine their own future is to live under their own rules to take away from them that i should say. that you risk doing something that we stupidly did back in nineteen twenty with yugoslavia but we took diverse different balkan states we forced them together against their will under a new identity and you and i both know since ninety nine say the awful things that have happened as those countries afford to go back to their independence so determination democracy and freedom we mustn't allow the european union to make those same mistakes. you heard of mr nigel farage later of u.k. independence party.
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let's wrap up with loose change dimitri shannon let's bring it back to the u.s. because big day here the u.s. supreme court upheld obama's health care law today here is what the president said about it in a speech. whatever the politics today's decision was a victory for people all over this country because of this war. is it a victory for the people or is it a victory for some of these medical companies if we could bring up the winners today hospital operators companies that own hospitals medicaid providers also some medicare providers their stock price is up big today up eight percent ten percent you see a couple of them there those are one of the largest hospital providers another
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hospital provider and medicaid medicare provider so is that the real winner in this in this health care will this health care that has never been about people because if they really want to socialize medicine they could actually do it with this is with this effectively it's a boon for the insurance industry they're not addressing the underlying factors like medical malpractise insurance and the costs of unnecessary procedures that doctors go through in order to protect themselves from liability and it doesn't deal with the fact that technologies are coming online the cost a lot of money that people want but that cost money for the service and so so if this ruling was to affect doctors' stock price if they had one would doctors docs be down today so doctors know that that would have been already priced in they would have been. a long time ago well maybe that explains are concerns companies because because insurance companies there was mixed results with with with docs and insurance companies
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a lot of them fell today it was negative on no one else as with that there is concern about them dealing with all of these new regulations but for those at the top the public purse looks pretty good always whenever the government gets involved this country it's always for the big the big corporations that feed off the government purse and off the taxes of ordinary citizens like us guys shannon you want anything before i move on. in the words of vice president biden it's a big f. ing deal. he said that not about this but he said it before nice reference and let's move on speaking of a big f. ing deal sources revealing today that j.p. morgan's two billion dollars trading loss may be a lot more of a big deal than that the new york times citing people who have been briefed on the situation say losses in the trade could total more than nine billion dollars i want to point out though terry bill who has been on this show she had this scoop she reported on it on her website tuesday two days before the new york times f.y.r.
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but viewers of this show should have been expecting that the story of j.p. morgan's loss would not end at two billion dollars. all eyes remain fixed on that two billion dollars trading loss on a position that could grow much larger in the coming days weeks or even months how big do you think that loss could get well it could it could easily go for good is it conceivable could be twenty billion you know it is. so this is whatever nine billion dollars we could've seen it coming and called then it is really sort of morrow so you know i like that we had it on that we're going to ask you to give the twenty billion gippi more and the media how do you you know you're going to want to show them to watch and see him but see that's basically mental masturbation ok it's for if you have no you know better do you watch the n.b.c. it's where you get real information watch capital town loyalists are no one's better no one does a better unless you want to you know and with that plug i don't even need to go by but it is all we have time for sport thank you so much for watching and be sure to
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come back tomorrow and in the meantime you can follow me on twitter or in this or give us feedback on the show or catch any mistake youtube dot com slash capital account check us out in h d on hulu and come back tomorrow as dimitri said kroll denninger will be in studio have a great.
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